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ACO Drain solutions can be found in many national and international landmarks. The product quality and variety of solutions ACO offers can be seen in National Parks, Museums, waterworks, playgrounds, stadiums and more.

ACO Drain Recreational Facilities

Parks and Fountains can take in many sizes and shapes and may require a variety of drainage solutions that range from high water intake grates to discreet slots that are hardly noticeable.

ACO offers attractive grating options for its trench drains that are safe for small children playing around the water.

Our design team can help find the best solutions for applications such as:


•Water fountains.

• Splash pads.

• Water works.

• Artificial and natural water features.

Sport Facilities and venues are designed to hold large amounts of people while having a safe environment with minimal water on the floor to avoid slips.

Trench drains in sports facilities can be a crucial part of maintaining people and property safety.

Many sports venues have long runs of linear drainage.


• Stadiums

• Racetracks

• Baseball fields

• Football fields


ACO has a special division that offers products for track and field drainage.

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Landmarks and many world renowned sites across the country have relied on ACO Drain to provide drainage solutions throughout their facilities.

ACO Drain is installed in many famous locations in the United States.


• World Trade Center in NY.

• Mount Rushmore, SD.

• Lincoln Memorial, DC.

• Walk of Fame, LA.