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Public buildings and services have a wide variety of requirements for drainage. Trench drains can be found in locations with heavy vehicles, such as fire stations, to applications with light pedestrian traffic and ADA grate requirements, such as in a school entrance.

ACO Drain Social Services

Fire Stations require heavy duty drainage solutions to meet the demands of heavy vehicles such as water trucks and provide a safe, slip free environment. Trench drains provide a even floor with minimal slope that is safer for firefighters inside and outside of fire stations.

Main fire stations drainage features.

• Heavy duty application.

• Safe grates for firefighters.

• Minimal floor slope.

• Dynamic loading.

• Indoor and outdoor drainage.


Recommended products:

• PowerDrain

• HighwayDrain - HD200


Trench Drains in Hospitals and other health care facilities are an important part of the overall public and property safety and special considerations, such as pedestrian and wheel chairs as well as heavier vehicle traffic should be accounted for.

ACO drains can be installed in:

• Hospitals entrances

• Heliports

• ER entrances

• Loading areas

• Parking areas

• Areas with restricted depth

• Areas requiring discreet drainage

• Installations with chemical resistance needs.

• Areas with special hygiene concerns


ACO offers ADA compliant stainless steel indoor drain.

School and University Drainage is often found in large areas across buildings, sidewalks, sport facilities and parking areas. Most of these areas are used by students and staff on a regular basis and require the use of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) grates.

Some of the educational facilities that use trench drain drainage:


• Colleges and Universities

• Schools

• Library

• Museums

• Theathers

• Sports facilities

• School playgrounds


For track and field drainage systems please visit

Other public buildings and facilities such as police stations, correctional facilities, animal shelters, and others public facilities need effective drainage solutions that allow services to be provided to the public without disruptions due to floads and water ponding.

Public buildings that can benefit from ACO's drainage systems.


• Post offices

• Forum

• City Hall

• Police stations

• Correctional facilities

• Prisons