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Commercial applications

call for drainage solutions in a variety of sizes, loadings and styles. ACO has several linear drains for applications such as parking lots, malls, garages, offices, banks, department stores, grocery stores and more.

ACO Drain Commercial Applications

Retail and Office buildings of any size can benefit from the widest range of drainage systems that provide aesthetic solutions. A wide choice of materials and decorative grate styles are offered to provide synergy or contrast to the overall design scheme. "Invisible" slot options are also
very popular

ACO offer grates that are wheel chair, bike and high heel safe for areas with pedestrian traffic such as:


• Shopping Malls

• Department stores

• Retail stores

• Outlet Malls

• High Rise buildings

• Office buildings and complexes





Parking Garages often require shallow trench systems that must withstand vehicular loadings and offer ADA accessible grate options.

ACO technical services can assist in hydraulic capacity of trench and grates, which can be of particular importance when placed at the bottom of ramps.

Some applications were trench drains are commonly used:

• Parking lots

• Garages

• Indoor parking

• Covered parking areas


ACO also offers StormBrixx, an underground storm water detention system capable of withstanding H20 loadings, and provides state of the art design and product performance.


Distribution Centers require heavy duty trench drain solutions to withstand the diverse vehicular loadings and turning braking traffic patterns.

ACO offers heavy duty grates up load Class F with locking mechanisms that ensure the grates will stay in place.


Common places to find ACO Drain:

• Distribution centers

• Fedex and UPS terminals

• Warehouses

• Cool warehouses

• Cold storage