ACO Drain



Available in 11 gauge Galvanized steel or grade 304 Stainless steel in half or full meter sections. The slot(s) blend in with the paving joints and the center or offset slots prevent debris from being trapped. The brickslot 100 uses the KlassikDrain K100/KS100, MembraneDrain, or SlabDrain H100-10/H100-8/H100K-8/H100K-8/H100KS-8 4" (100 mm) wide trench systems or Brickslot 200 uses the KlassikDrain K200/KS200 or SlabDrain H200K-13/H200SK-13 8" (200 mm) wide trench systems. The new Brickslots allow for a maximum paver depth of 80 mm (3 1/8").

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ACO Drain Brickslot

Twinslot 200

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