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Auto Services Industry

ACO Drain products can found in several auto industry applications such as gas stations, car dealerships, truck stops, car wash, body
and mechanic shops.

ACO Drain in the Auto Services Industry

Auto Centers of all sizes can rely on the quality and durability of ACO drainage solutions to maintain that working areas are properly drained from water and other liquids.

Locations that can benefit from ACO trench drain products.


• Body shops

• Mechanic shops

• Taxi garages

• Public transportation garages

Dealership drainage is designed to withstand the daily impact of vehicles driving over the grates and other environmental factors. ACO performs extensive testing on its products to ensure consistent quality and durability.

ACO Drain channels and grates are found in applications such as:


• Car dealership

• Farm machinery dealership

• Truck and bus dealership

• RV and ATVs dealership

• Motorcycle dealership

Gas Stations are areas that demand trench drain suitable to constant traffic, heavy loads, water and other mechanical fluids drainage.

ACO designs and manufactures its products to meet the needs and requirements of applications such as:


• Gas Stations

• Truck stops

• Refueling stations

• Wash down areas





ACO also offers custom fiberglass drainage through